Is it right for Christians to get tested for HIV/AIDS before marriage?

Many Christians have been getting married without going for HIV/AIDS testing.

But it is a well known fact that people who become born again come from different backgrounds; some sexually active and others, moderately ascetic lives.

So why take chances? Is it because you espouse the belief that a Christian can overcome anything?

Of course, being born again makes one become a new creature but it doesn’t make you instantly an adult in Spiritual things to begin to rush into things that are disproportionate to your faith. Paul said do things in proportion to your faith in ROM 12: 6.

Can you overcome what you are not aware of?

Does everyone have the spirit of prophecy to be able to discern things and foretell their future or the gift of healing to just believe that when people come in their presence, diseases may come out of their partners? No. These are callings and have their level of anointing.

Your shadow may not heal people like that of Peter, not to mention your handkerchiefs, garments and every other thing on your body for the rest of your life, it is normal. You might have been called somewhere else.

On the bright side, credit must be extended to some of these same people with such high levels of anointing in today’s world who, despite being filled with the Holy Ghost, do go for voluntary Counselling and testing before marriage because they know that HIV is not only spread by the agency of casual sex and they also want to assure their partner, who may not have the same levels of faith as them, that they don’t posess the virus.

If such people can go for Voluntary Counselling and Testing before marriage, what would hold you back from doing the same?

Haven’t you noticed that when healing takes place, true men of GOD, not Charlatans, request the recipient of healing to go and see a Medical Doctor?

You probably would want to say, it’s on account of having faith that God can’t lead his servant to a partner with a medically incurable disease to be unequally yoked. But the fact that your partner is born again just as you, means the two of you are equally yoked and if God led you there, he will give you instructions or tell you where to go for help.

There is no excuse for refusing to be tested. No matter how evasive one may sound, HIV/AIDS is real and recklessness is costing us more lives.

If you make a mistake, err on the side of caution by making use of the Medical Doctors God has raised and know the devil you will need to fight, other than stay in the dark.

Due to your high levels of faith, you may be ready to risk your life but how about your Partner who may just be religious and not able to tap revelations from God?

The Bible says in Romans 15: 1 those that are strong in faith should bear the infirmities of those that are weak in faith. In short, your faith should be used to strengthen others but to do this, you need to know their weaknesses or their problems.

Your partner has to know all they are inheriting to the nitty-gritties. So what are you hiding and what is your partner hiding? Are you really friends?

If they are hiding a loaded machine gun, you need to know where it is and how to handle it? Whether it is something big like cancer or small as a toe that has a poor shape, it should not be hidden. Dont hide anything. After all, marriage is about knowing each other well in order to make it a fulfilling experience. Dont hide anything from your partner and believe God alone for a miracle.

Experts say strong relationships are built on friendship. For me, I opine that a partner you have engaged must know both your wounds and cherries, your strengths and weaknesses as well as your burden just as victories, not one side of the coin.

One must know your light side and also know your dark side because nothing builds a win-win relationship as the truth.

I want this to help me to assert the necessity of VCT for long lasting relationships. Knowing that, in order to live longer, we must audit or probe our partners in the beginning of any journey and bring the best out of their meagre worth, their misery and pieces.

I know that you are so excited because someone who is great proposed but give my message one more minute of thought.

You are living on Earth, not on the moon. Safety first. Ignorance and faith are not the same things.

Yes, GOD orders your steps but He also orders mine, and today, I want you to know that if He is your creator and does reveal things, He will show you the mountain ahead of you and give instructions.

Be this as it may, if one of you is found to be positive, there is more than one possibility. It is something that will bring tears but also peace and a platform for faith.

If he or she quits the relationship, that lost partner may, at least, stand with you in Prayer, knowing that you meant well. They may also come back to you after weighing your other strengths or depending on how much affection they had for you.

This means that you have to live as discordant couples and take instructions from Medical doctors as well as your man of GOD.

As you remain faithful to God, if it is his will, He will show you the man of GOD to approach and your healing will come.

Bottomline, make your life plain before your partner so that you both know your challenges to have a healthy long lasting relationship.